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Our Culture

There aren't many better feelings in life than making a dream a reality, something you sacrifice for, are dedicated to and at the end of the day enjoy! Throughout my years on the water I have expanded my angling knowledge and experience to a point where I want to do more with it. I have always been a huge advocate for fishing and the outdoors but I’ve never been fully satisfied with just that. This passion, love, and bond I have led me to this idea of Twin Tails, "A Brand For The Avid Angler and outdoorsmen".  I want this name and brand to connect enthusiasts like myself to fishing, and the outdoors while providing stylish performance gear. I want to create an outlet and a community where the avid angler and outdoorsmen can stay connected through news, pictures, videos, techniques, and reports.  Whether you're a pro or simply a weekend warrior Twin Tails has your back and will provide that “look good, feel good” experience while out on the water or off grid!   


Twin Tails is also a movement towards cleaner oceans.  As a fishing community it is vital we work together to come up with solutions to sustain these amazing fishery's. The bond between the angler and saltwater is vital in that they both go hand in hand with one another. Without the ocean, there is no fishing and without the angler, there are no oceans. It is our duty as an angler to not only take care of fish species but to manage and care for their environments.


About Ben Sweat


My name is Ben Sweat and I am 32 years old. I grew up in small town along Floridas west coast, Palm Harbor. Growing up there all I had was fishing, athletics, and the outdoors and these things turned out to be passions in my life. I am currently a professional soccer player for the New England Revolution in Major League Soccer.  Ive played eleven seasons and I am very fortunate being able to wake up every single morning knowing I love my job.
The saltwater and great outdoors runs through my veins providing me a spark and adrenaline that will never burn out. Fishing and being in the outdoors is not just a hobby but a lifestyle that has allowed me to love and respect the water, inshore fishery and nature itself. I am addicted to those early morning sunrises, the late evening sunsets and the beauty of what nature gives us! 

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