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Our Story

My name is Ben Sweat, and I’m not only a retired professional athlete but also an avid angler and outdoorsman. Few things compare to the fulfillment of turning a dream into reality, especially one you’ve dedicated yourself to and truly enjoy. Over the years, my passion for fishing and the outdoors has grown, leading me to expand my knowledge and experience on the water. This journey has inspired me to do more, to create something meaningful for fellow enthusiasts. Thus, TwinTails was born—a brand tailored for the avid angler and outdoorsman.


I envision TwinTails as more than just a name and brand; it’s a platform to unite enthusiasts with the best gear available while fostering a community connected by shared experiences, knowledge, and appreciation for nature. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend warrior, TwinTails is here to support you, whether you’re casting lines on the water or seeking adventure in the mountains.


Moreover, TwinTails is a movement dedicated to preserving our oceans. As a fishing community, it’s imperative that we collaborate on solutions to sustain our precious fisheries. The bond between anglers and saltwater ecosystems is symbiotic; without healthy oceans, there’s no fishing, and without anglers, there’s no advocacy for ocean conservation. It’s our responsibility to not only protect fish species but also to steward their habitats for future generations.


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