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If the Oceans Die, We Die

Ben Sweat Twin Tails Parley

The other important topic I wanted to discuss real quick was “Parley For The Oceans”. This is vast community with a movement very similar to “Captains For Clean Water”. Since moving up to New York due to a change in teams I was very fortunate to meet the man behind Parley and hear his story. His name is Cyrill Gutsch and like myself he is very passionate about the oceans. Parley is simply a space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that can end their destruction. The main issues with this is the overuse of resources, the amount of trash, and the pollution found in the ocean worldwide. This is not only happening in Florida but throughout many tropical environments around the globe.

For me I believe we take the oceans and the importance of them for granted. I don't think people as a whole understand that a lot of the oxygen we breathe comes from our oceans. Not only that but the ecosystems in the ocean provide a habitat that supplies a steady food source and jobs. however, the steady abuse towards the oceans could end fisheries, coral reef ecosystems and other important factors. These problems stem from us humans and the over-population increases and the over-consumption of the oceans resources. We have brought chemical, oil, noise and plastic pollution into the light and it’s time for us as a whole to take some responsibility. If we do not take this seriously we can expect coral reef ecosystems, fish species and ocean life in general to be wiped out entirely.

There are many solutions to these issues and we as a human race are the ones who can control this outcome. We have to realize that plastic is no longer safe and is a complete design failure. A new material has to be thought of and while that is happening people worldwide can have a massive impact by simply cleaning up along a beach shoreline. It is hard to imagine that 40 million pounds of plastic floats around in our oceans every year and thats a minimum calculation. This has been slowly killing our oceans and the species within it. The main approach is simple “AIR”, which stands for avoid, intercept, and redesign. Humans need to wake up and realize this is it and this campaign is the final push towards not only protecting but saving our oceans.

“If the oceans die, we die” Captain Paul Watson.

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